Colin Smith
Andrew Floor
Director - Josh Fletcher
Producer - Stephen Lupsha
Executive Producer - Joe Simmons
Original Soundtrack - Giantframe.com
Composer - Jesse Quebbeman-Turley
Composer - Luke Williams

Colin Smith and Andrew Floor met within the drug & alcohol recovery community. They both found common ground in the outdoor culture - hiking and climbing became a common routine. After hearing about the Pacific Crest Trail, Andrew made it his goal to prove that he was strong enough to hike the entire length. Colin, being open to any sort of adventure, decided to join. They spent a year preparing and planning the logistics for the five months on the trail and began their trip on April 24th 2013.

Both characters found emotional relief at their lowest points on the trail. Their past experiences and behaviors re-emerged in vivid memories as the trail allowed them the time to reflect. The long days were spent in isolation, hikers travel at different rates and only connect at campsites or water caches. This allowed time for Andrew and Colin to develop healthy and insightful emotional responses to the interviews throughout their strenuous travels. To hike the full length of the PCT one must average approximately twenty miles per day, if not the weather in northern Washington will close mountain passes. This slow countdown applies added pressure to the daily routine. As the two men spent more time together, their friendship slowly dwindled until they completely separated due to differing ideologies about the purpose of their pursuit.

The pivotal climax for both characters takes place in isolated circumstances, After taking numerous breaks away from the trail, Colin Smith looses track of his miles and his reasoning to continue north. This leads to a physical collapse while visiting Portland Oregon. In late August Colin returns home for fear of relapsing, he had completed 2000 miles of trail. Andrew remains focused on his goal and continues to move further north, anxiety mounting as he becomes pressed by the early winter which tests both his physical and mental strengths. Andrew completed the last 30 miles in untracked snow, he arrived to the northern terminus on October 4, 2013. It took him 5 month and 10 days.

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